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We have ZERO valid complaints from actual customers! ZERO! NO competitor can say the same.
MGE possesses the BEST customer record in our industry. We CARE about our team!
MGE is the only firm in our industry to provide full terms & conditions. Honesty is our first rule!
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Rarely do we act on the potentially life changing opportunities presented to us. We're more likely to throw money away on nonsense than take a genuine leap forward. It's prevailing human nature. You claim you're concerned with bills, family, job security etc., but... what do you do about it?

At MGE, we recognize that the keys to success are often ignored in favor of the instant gratification that sits immediately before us. This common trait tends to prevent us from enjoying the true success our inherent potential would otherwise allow for.

​Most of us are left struggling as a result...

We at MGE have an answer... and it manifests itself in great results garnered from simple, small, yet highly effective steps.

Live the possibilities

"Tomorrow" is an excuse
Opportunity must be seized in the present

Simple plans... real results

Update 5/6: M.L. Grace is a common target of False ratings and Fake reviews
online by corrupt & deceitful organizations like the BBB, who was investigated and exposed
as a fraud by ABC News. Sadly, this unfair practice is quite common for our industry.
See our "faq's" page for shocking video from ABC News revealing the truth about this subject

Orders made in the next 48 hours for any size group receive a $15 pay rate instead of $10!


We have all heard masters of industry, teachers, our parents, etc., tell us to "keep it simple" at one point or another in our endeavors. 

How correct they are.

One of the great fallacies of entrepreneurship is making ourselves believe that over-complicating our work activities, or products, somehow makes them "better". 
In fact, it only makes them problematic.

Keep your work fully manageable at all times. That philosophy is a key building block of our world class programs.